As a child I had some freckles (barely visible now in my middle years!).  I did not like them on me.  Nor did I find them attractive on other people. In recent times things have changed. On some persons faces I have noticed their freckles actually enhance their beauty.  It has been helped by really looking at people when with them. This free verse poem had begun to write itself over a period of time. It finally popped on to the page last night.  It is dedicated to all the young, and young at heart, who bear freckles to our world.





For freckles

Was not part

Of my repertoire

Of yesteryear.

I ust’

Think of them

As blotch and blemish,

Detritus on the countenance.


I saw them

On a face

And then

On another.

They gave definition,


A smattering of beauty


Not before seen.


I enjoy them

Upon pate and profile,

Spotting cheek and jowl,

Across the nose

And under the eyes.

The make-up free facial,

The natural self,


With false beautifiers,

Just in its

Bare necessity.

Spotted and delicate.

A delight

In its difference.



Simon C.J. Falk  5 November 2013


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