That Worthy Wordsmith is our ‘Anam Cara’

That Worthy Wordsmith is our Anam Cara

In memory of John O’Donohue (1956 – 2008)

 John O’Donohue

had a way

with words

and sounds

and souls

and images.

His words

can land upon us,

like a soft, gentle rain.


as times unfolds

we become sodden

from its falling.

It washes our dryness

of soul.


it does not dampen our spirit.

It irrigates our vocabulary

and grows our minds.

John’s sharing of our inner light

awakens our longing,

to know

someone understands

the gurgling gestation

of life within,

our very selves.

To read or hear him,

stating those words,

provides a company for us

when we feel

that our thoughts and musings

may have consigned us to isolation.

This solace

makes him

like our Anam Cara

from afar.

Though afar

his words

convey his presence to us

with great immediacy.

In that thin place

between memory and the beyond,

John is present to us still.

That worthy wordsmith,

is helping at the forge

of our delicate souls.



Simon C.J. Falk 2 December 2013.


For some of us John O’Donohue has been a great inspiration.  He was probably best known for his books ‘Anam Cara’ and ‘Eternal Echoes’.   Irishman, Poet, philosophical-theologian, former priest, he had a way with words that continues to enchant his readers and hearers.  The words above scarcely scratch the surface of describing him. But they attempt to at least point to his influence.  More information about John and his writings can be found at and his talks at Britain’s ‘Green Belt Festival’ can be found at


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