Over ten years ago this verse was written to mark the Christian Feast of the Epiphany – Christ the night to all the nations!  Although we face different challenges this year to ten years ago, we can substitute our own, as we look to “a beacon of hope.”



A passing over

Of a peaceful flame

Illuminated our nation

In 2000.

Bearers of the flame

Gathered our nation

With many nations

On an Olympic scale.

2001 was dazzled

By flames

On the New York skyline.

Towers of unity

Uniting nations in commerce

Were rent asunder.

As the year passed on

Flames of destruction

Of ill intent

Ravaged our land

Driving away

The people from their homes.

As Epiphany dawns

Another light shines

A light to all nations

Aglow in an infant

A simple splendour for all.

As the flame burns within us

May our light be:

            a warm glow

            a touch of love

            an embrace in peace

            a beacon of hope.



Simon Falk, New Year’s Day of 2002.

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