Back to School

Here in the southern hemisphere we are about to have families return to school.  This chatty little rhyme had been pestering me during the day and so here it is.  Some may get a little something from it.  It is dedicated to all our wonderful families out there.  May they return home safely and happily.

Back to School

Back to school

Here they come

“Farewell Dad!”

“Hooroo mum!”

Some slide on scooters

Others ride on a bike

Some in cars or buses

And some take a hike.

They’ve left behind the beachy coast

The sleep-ins are no more

It’s now early to rise

And line up at the door.

The door to class

That is theirs for this year

Where sums and news

With be done with great cheer

Excitement will build

As these days roll out

For it’s time to catch up with mates

There will be no doubt.

The cricket returns

To asphalt and concrete

As does the skipping and cheering

And the shuffling of feet.

The mums and the dads

Will wait after classes

For their children to arrive

When they forgot their bus passes.

We do it again

Just like we did it before

We are back at school

Are you ready for more?


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