Cold Anger



Cold Anger

 Cold anger,

rising up,



as you catch

your breath


in time.


come out slowly,


with a severe tonal edge

and as rapier sharp ice shards.

Cold anger,

like an avalanche,

engulfs all in its wake.

It freezes any other attentiveness,

smothers compassion,


its force is spent.

Cold anger,


in the chilling sweat

that flushes from inner pores

as the rage bursts out.

White hot meets white cold.

As the tempest passes,

the body slackens,


by its own violence within.


Simon C.J. Falk   24 March 2014


At times we become overwhelmed by our emotional state and experience whatever that emotion may be in a way that takes our whole being captive.  In anger it may be a build up of many things.  It may be a deep disappointment at being “played” or manipulated by those we expected more honesty from.  The above verse may help us be more self-aware of when our emotions take us captive.  It is also timely to refer to greenmackenzie’s ‘self reflection’ post at .

One thought on “Cold Anger”

  1. Thanks for mentioning my post….anger can be a really hard emotion to accept and allow. It often brings lots of fiery heat followed by shame, and of course it’s one of those emotions often judged as bad. Your poem is lovely and full of real honest emotion.

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