Dinner Table

Dinner Table

Dinner table
In the room.
Plates laden
With steaming mash
To soak up the juices
Of the hard won chops
Arrayed beside the veg.
Practised hands
Sinewy and tensile
Their strength replenished
By the proteinous provender
On the porcelain.
Welcome faces
sharing joys
Of simple pleasures,
Like the meat tray,
Spoils of a few swings on a fairway.
Little children
Bounding off the chairs.
Using the toy table
As a stage
For their latest production.
A vaudeville vaulting
With forty giggles amid the curls.
Inventive children,
One moment an esky,
The next a makeshift bed
On the infant floor show.
Dinner table,
Departed from now,
A pantry of potency
For the next gastronomic adventure,
Of small-town stories.

Simon C.J. Falk 2 April 2014




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