Finding your Voice

It is a delight to see writers finding their voice and then publishing that one, wild and beautiful voice.  The free verse that follows is dedicated to those just finding their voice and publishing now.

Finding your Voice

Our first sounds,

Those goos and gaas,

Enthral our dear ones

As they begin

The journey with us

Into the labyrinth of language.

In time

The tone,

the timbre,

and tenor,

of our own voice

will form

uniquely in each of us.

People will recognise us

By the sound

Of our one unique voice.


Seek to draw from the stream

Of their voice

Beneath their voice.

To dig and draw deeply

Into the well of themselves

Finding the expression

That is their source

Of refreshing our language.

They find a voice

That may be spoken


As if

Opening an inner ear,

They resonate

In recesses,


Into our hearts, minds and souls.


As we listen,

We are enthralled

Like those parents of little ones

As the sound

Of another voice

Drums on our inner ear

And we stop

And savour

Its tremoring vibration

Feeling deeply

Smiling within

Celebrating in our soul

That another voice rises

Into the fresh air.



Simon C.J Falk 11 April 2014

Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

9 thoughts on “Finding your Voice”

  1. I’ve been told that as a writer it’s important to read at least one good poem everyday. This was definitely one of those. Thank you. It spoke to me as a writer.

  2. This is a gorgeous poem that I’d like to share with my (adult) creative writing students. The more we write and find our voice the more joy and love we create within ourselves – and outward to others.

  3. Each one of us finds our own voice…. goo goo ga ga seem to be the most evocative sounds of all. These formless words convey so much with timbre and intonation…..

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