Down a Rocky Road


Down a Rocky Road



Down a Rocky Road

This post brings together two of my great loves: whimsical rhyme and chocolate.  They go well together.  Although my journey with poetry goes back to when I was about seven years old, my only experience of rocky road then was the pre-made variety.  A few years ago a friend was making rocky road.  As a fun thing, I decided to have a go.  It has continued.  I share gimmicky themes with families and friends.  It brings a few smiles.  Like many fun things its makes some messes along the way.  But that is part of the fun, isn’t it?



Are you ready for a trip

Down a rocky road?

Down the corridors of calories,

And a glyceride packed load.


You’ll meet some nuts along the way,

And coconut in state much desiccated;

With cashew pieces blended in

Your palate will be slated.


Did we mention the Turkish delight?

In its wobbly, smooth jelly;

It slips and slides so easily

Down to anyone’s belly.


The road might be wide and brown,

Or it may be bitter and dark;

Hints of caramel may blend right in,

But your taste will find the mark!


It might greet you in the morning

When the Easter Bunny comes your way;

It may dip its white-capped lid to you

When it comes to your farm to stay.


No matter the occasion,

There’s a rocky road for you;

So munch and crunch after lunch,

It’ll cheer you when you’re blue!



Simon C.J. Falk 28 June 2014

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