Spectator Sport and other Thumb Teasers

Spectator Sport and Other Thumb Teasers

A celebration of the evolution of thumb wrestling.  The celebration takes a circuitous lap of honour around spectator sport to return to thumb work.  All to be a good sport of course.  ‘The Brick’ refers to those old mobile phones (cell phones) that we used to have in our pockets and bags.

Spectator Sport and Other Thumb Teasers

As a kid

We thought

Thumb wrestling

Was grabbing a mate’s hand

For a thumb fight.

Tense, white knuckles

Teamed around toiling thumbs.


thumb wrestling got technological,

it was about dexterity

of channel flicks

on the remote.


It was ‘texting tennis’

On ‘the brick’.


Still later,

It became

Rapid thumbprints

Upon the smartphone screen.

A trip to the footy

Was an event.

Trains, trams, tickets.

Then, get settled.

Are those clouds bringing rain?

Should I move now or get drenched later?

Queues at the toilets:

Do I really want to go?

Ahh. Coffee, beer, hot chippies!

Elbows in, of course,

As we traverse the concourse,

So we don’t spill ‘the precious.’

Back again.

Ughh. Where did that mince go?

That bit that dripped


Out of the pie pastry.

Can’t see, where is it?


The game resumes.

All over.

Back to the station.

Now I see.

That mince and sauce and glutinous goo,

The bit that dropped from the pie,

Well, it’s found.

Yep. There ‘tis.

Nicely encrusted on my shoelace,

Right on an eyelet.

Accuracy is everything.

We’ve scored

On the cultural calendar


Have selfies on the smartphone,

And mp4 videos

We might not ever watch again.

Simon C.J. Falk 26 September 2014


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