Blind Snake Out the Back

Blind Snake Out the Back

On the same night that gave rise to ‘Little One’ this fun verse emerged from the wake.  It is full of puns and insinuations.  It is meant to add lightness even in times of great sadness.  What a precious paradox life is. 

Blind Snake Out the Back

For a family who know who they are

You’ve seen folk blind at BBQs,

Seen ‘em blind in the backyard;

But have you seen a blind snake

Without looking really hard?

This thing was twisting round the veranda post,

Up near the rafters;

When we had finished off dessert and main course,

And getting stuck into the afters.

As we had ‘the one we came for’,

Some said: “It is a snake!”

So off we went to investigate

At now a different kind of wake.

They got it down and killed it,

Before the shovel even arrived;

The little slimy tacker

Was no longer alive.

We’ve heard of Red Backs on the toilet,

And now, even in Japan!

But blind snakes on verandas

Pull the other leg young man!

It wasn’t that we were legless,

Why, we was barely hookin’ in;

It really had some wondering,

Was it a big worm for the bait tin?

It wasn’t blind on whiskey,

Nor was it blind on beer;

It hadn’t caught a rum chaser,

Or copped a ‘Sidecar’ in the rear.

An iPhone search was had:

“Tell us, Dr Google, please?”

“Is there cause for concern?”

“No, I haven’t knocking knees!”

Turns out it was a blind snake,

‘Worm snake’ some get named;

Now back to that bubbling stubbie

Since the wildlife’s been tamed.

So the little blind snake,

It had been blind from birth;

Australia is one of the places

Blind snakes are found on earth.

If you’re exchanging beer yarns

At a session out the back;

As the night gets on and lights are dim,

Give this one a crack.

Simon C.J. Falk           29 October 2014


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