Once A Moment Moved On

Once a Moment Moved On

At times we have fleeting experiences where we meet someone who is truly interesting and captivating.  But it is only for a moment, and the moment leaves as swiftly as it began.  This verse tries to capture that moment.

Once a Moment Moved On

Billy Joel intones the words

Songs for melancholy lones

Whose wistful wafting thoughts

float by


Still, not quite float,

But weigh down,

Like a cloud of fog

That has blown in

The wake

of the last encounter

With beautiful specimens

Of humanity

Before and beside us.

A passing connection

A moment of mingling

Eyes aglow

Then gone

As the emerald hue

Sways its ways away


The moment that was



now empty

Somehow a lack

For what was

And shall not be.

Simon C.J. Falk                                               15 May 2015


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