Get Michael Fix!

Get Michael Fix!

Last night our little town of Temora was treated to guitarist, Michael Fix.  He was quite the act and generously mingled with concert goers during the intermission.  The following verse is a playful appreciation of his craft.

Get Michael Fix!

You may have some blues,

That needs a swing,

A catchy classical,

Might be your thing,

You need some country,

With a western fling,

Get in Michael Fix,

For your wingding.

You like the Beatles,

You like the ‘Stones,

His take on Hank Marvin,

Will rattle your bones,

You like the Finn Brothers,

Or original tones,

Stage Michael Fix,

Get on your phones!

Call the number,

Surf the website,

He’s following on Twitter,

And in Facebook likes,

He’s there on YouTube,

With videos to sight,

Yes that Michael Fix,

For your Monday night.

He surfs along the pipeline,

His fingering of frets so smooth,

The bass line along with the rhythm,

His melody hits the groove,

He taps in his percussion,

Between his plucking bars,

And the strings centre the tension,

As the phrases pass.

He holds it all together,

Like a one man band,

And he’s like a bloody orchestra,

He has it all in hand,

He’s well strung in his talent,

With a cheerful face to boot,

Get in Michael Fix,

Your night will be a hoot.

Simon C.J. Falk   22 June 2015


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