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Hi, when inspired to write, I blog at Simon’s Still Stanza.  I have entered the Cherished Blogfest late. But, will make an effort just the same.  Since I was a young fellow I have loved poetry. Classics, epics, ladies and gents, Dickinson on death, to Wordsworth’s daffodils.  It matters not. From polished free verse to new additions in the Saturday newspaper.  I have found something in them all. My blog is about sharing poems with others.  I also love books. They are the cherished objects that I have chosen for the Blogfest blog. PS: I’ve actually entered the Cherished Blogfest a month early. Those reading this still have time to sign up.



I have them in the office,

All snug in the corner nook,

For nothing’s better when you’re working

Than to sit down with a book!

I work at the computer

While I sit at desk and chair,

But the inspiration gets the better,

and the verses sneak in there!

I have them in the lounge room,

Not far from the TV,

As I sit in the recliner chair

and read them with much glee.

I have them in my bedroom,

where they are not far from bed,

For, is anything better than reading,

to prepare a restful head?

I take books when I’m travelling,

Both as electronic and in print,

I hate to dog-ear page corners

and like to keep their condition mint.

I miss them when I’ve loaned them,

and can’t wait to see them back,

I hate to see loose pages,

or find a binding crack.

Where would we be without them?

Books are our written friends,

When other folks forget us,

They are still standing on their ends.

So cherish all your bookshelves,

for the treasure they hold therein,

They fire our imagination,

and all the dreams within.

Simon C.J. Falk 27 June 2015 late!



Healed Home

Healed Home


My soul

It danced

The day

The healing


To me.




And leaned


I went

Through the crowd.


If I could touch

But the cloak.





I am whole

I am healed

One with myself

No longer alone

I can rejoin

My people

My own.

I am

Healed home.


I now have life

He dried the flood

That led to death.


I am before

But oh,

The gratitude

Bursts from my heart

In the new springtime

Of my days.

Simon C.J. Falk                       27 June 2015

In the common Christianity Lectionary (book of Bible readings) this weekend, an account from the Gospel of Mark (5:21-43) tells of the healing of both Jairus’ daughter and of an unnamed woman with a haemorrhage.  The verse above attempts to catch the jubilation the woman may have felt.

Chapman Stick – Everyday Contemplative

Chapman Stick – Everyday Contemplative

Chapman Stick




Finger fretting

In a rhythm


Darts and


Up and down

And across

The stick.

Constantly moving

Like a darting

Of an insect

The multiple movements

Like a dabbling damselfly

The many, many motions

Adding to the vibrations

In a volume

And passage of

A sound.

And I,

I was



Enchanted and enticed

For more

And more

Of the


And sliding

And stretching

Of the sounds

On my inner ear


My spirits

And pulsing

With life.

Simon C.J. Falk                       27 June 2015

We truly learn something everyday.   For those of us willing to wonder, we can see beauty in the sight, sound, touch, smell of many, many things.  Today I discovered the musical wonder of the Chapman Stick. It is a truly fascinating instrument and below is another example of it being played well.

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