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Hi, when inspired to write, I blog at Simon’s Still Stanza.  I have entered the Cherished Blogfest late. But, will make an effort just the same.  Since I was a young fellow I have loved poetry. Classics, epics, ladies and gents, Dickinson on death, to Wordsworth’s daffodils.  It matters not. From polished free verse to new additions in the Saturday newspaper.  I have found something in them all. My blog is about sharing poems with others.  I also love books. They are the cherished objects that I have chosen for the Blogfest blog. PS: I’ve actually entered the Cherished Blogfest a month early. Those reading this still have time to sign up.



I have them in the office,

All snug in the corner nook,

For nothing’s better when you’re working

Than to sit down with a book!

I work at the computer

While I sit at desk and chair,

But the inspiration gets the better,

and the verses sneak in there!

I have them in the lounge room,

Not far from the TV,

As I sit in the recliner chair

and read them with much glee.

I have them in my bedroom,

where they are not far from bed,

For, is anything better than reading,

to prepare a restful head?

I take books when I’m travelling,

Both as electronic and in print,

I hate to dog-ear page corners

and like to keep their condition mint.

I miss them when I’ve loaned them,

and can’t wait to see them back,

I hate to see loose pages,

or find a binding crack.

Where would we be without them?

Books are our written friends,

When other folks forget us,

They are still standing on their ends.

So cherish all your bookshelves,

for the treasure they hold therein,

They fire our imagination,

and all the dreams within.

Simon C.J. Falk 27 June 2015 late!



Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

22 thoughts on “Bookshelves for a Blogfest”

    1. Thanks Russell, they certainly do. In fact, I think my parent’s collection of poetry books was a clear influence on me. Dad was not even really a reader, yet he liked poems too.

  1. Hi. I am one of the cohosts of the #Cherished blogfest and I want to thank you for participating in it, and for such a beloved share. We share the passion for bookshelves, for books. I also hate dog-eared pages and loose pages and cracked bindings. I take care of my books such that they still look new even after the 3rd, 4th, 5th reading. Thank you, and do have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for the work that you and others have put into Cherished Blogfest. I also liked your post about the dictionary. Here, in Australia, the Macquarie Dictionary is one of our special ones. Although, I’ll admit, I more often use online ones now more than thumbing dictionary pages.

  2. It’s still July 26th where I am, so as I read this, you are not posting late! Thanks for this post – so true!

  3. Nothing like a book! Absolutely. I love how you chose entire bookshelves so you wouldn’t have to restrict yourself to one book 🙂 Lovely poetry.Cheers from the Cherished Blogfest.

  4. Simon, my bookshelves are the most cherished part of my home, followed by the kitchen!

    Thank you for supporting the Cherished Blogfest, you joined late, but did well.

    1. Damyanti, I’m not surprised your cherish your bookshelves. Thank for all you do and for your comments. I’m amazed at how you are able to manage so much in your blog work.

  5. Currently, my home is too small for a book shelf like that one, but when I renovate, I am sure going to have something like that for sure. Till then I can only dream of something like it. Thank you for sharing your story and participating.

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