Legend of the Leaves

Legend of the Leaves

Legend of the Leaves

The fruit of a lovely afternoon walk in the park.


Left lying low,

Carpeting the coldness

Of the wintry ground.


In clusters.


Against trees bark

And treads of trainers

Advancing underfoot.

Frosted by night

Warmed by sunlight.


Leave us wondering

What tales do they tell?
We are the leaves,

We whisper in the trees,

We’ve voices taken by the breeze,

Around your arboreal reveries.

When young and green and supple,

We soften with those times,

But when autumnal coldness comes,

We dwell in harsher climes.

Then within the litter,

The microbes are our friends,

They transform us into something new,

And humus is its ends.

Soon the trees are nourished,

And toughen their rings and grain,

For leaves form in the canopies,

The life cycle starts again.

Simon C.J. Falk 4 August 2015

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