A Return to Snug Cove

A Return to Snug Cove

A return to Snug Cove in Eden NSW.  A part of the Sapphire Coast I have long loved.


A Return to Snug Cove

Sherlock Ship sits

Still and moored

As seagulls idly

Patter about the pavement.

The dock,

Quiet at this spot,

As we persons

Sit and stand about

With coffees and cameras

And various ‘what-nots’.

The sea-surface ever so tremulous,

More by sight than sound,

Though there may be a soft sploosh

From the little lapping.

Oh, to return to Snug Cove!

Latent with adventure,

Harbouring such history.

It’s wharf decks

Formerly blood-stained and oily

From quarry brought ashore.

Of fisherfolk in times gone by

Receiving the pay-packet

And parcels of prawns

Or other briny treasures.

Snug Cove

On a quieter morning,

But full, so full

Of presence

And meaning.

Simon C.J. Falk 22 August 2015


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