The Body

The Body
This poem is dedicated to all of us who live more in our heads and analysis of life.  For those of us who can read books and yet struggle to read the signs our bodies point out to us.  

The Body

The body


Its pains,

Its perturbed positions,

In its own way.


With a language

All its own.

Oh, if I

Could but

Decipher the details,

Crack the code,

Learn to read

The rhythms

And writhing,

The aches

And the pains.

The body tells us

When enough’s enough.  

As our energy ebbs

Eyelids drop

And limbs flop

And we

We enter





Yes, still

We become.

And yet

We are still


To know

What our body says

To us.

Simon C.J. Falk 30 September 2015

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