Petals… Paris… Peace…


Petals… Paris… Peace…

It seems so strange to see peaceful gardens in our yards when tragic events have unfolded in Beirut and Paris in recent days.  The words below somehow wrestle with it.  May those who suffer soon know some peace.

Petals… Paris… Peace…


Perched on limbs,

Holding our gaze,

In their mauve and magenta hues.

Fallen petals,

Like covering of carpet

Resting on the gravely soil,

Like fallen innocents

On streets of Paris and Beiruit.

Their beauty and lives still.

And still matter.

Matter to us.

Fallen petals,

Soft and serene

Know not the struggle.

Yet we delight in them,

In their life for us.

Their colours fade

As their moisture wanes,

Yet their goodness is passed

On to the grainy gravel,


It rises up.

A new shoot,

A stock of green,

Bringing new life

To the sight,

The form,

And the texture,

Of our days.

Fallen flowers

Fallen innocents

Visit regret upon us.

May we witness

New life coming,

As the goodness of the fallen

Rise in us.

Violence may taunt more retaliation.

But a life well lived

Inspires, yes, breathes anew,

Life in others.

Simon C.J. Falk       14 November 2015



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