I Dreamed Santa Saved the Day

I Dreamed Santa Saved the Day


A little fella watched the news,

And saw the images fly,

Of fires and floods and shopping queues,

And stopped and wondered why.


He closed his eyes and imagined hard.

That Santa was by his side.

Then when he told what happened next.

I nearly broke down and cried.


He said to Santa: “This cannot be!

We can’t have all this stuff!

There’s kids having a rotten Christmas!

Enough! I say, enough!”


“Ok” said Santa with a nod,

And a twitch that resembled a wink,

“I’ll fix a scene to give us a prod,

This will make folks think”.


Santa left and went away,

Back to the cold country land,

He harnessed his reindeer on his sleigh,

And gathered his merry band.


He saw the fires in the Land of Oz,

So he galloped to the South Pole,

With teams of penguins and other mobs,

He loaded a blimp through its hole.


Back he came with his load in tow,

And let the bomb bays go!

Out of the blimp came tonnes of snow,

That doused the flames below.


South America was next on course,

As he headed for flooded places,

He replaced his sleighs with pontoons and barges,

With plenty of rescue spaces.


With anacondas as living ropes,

And tapirs as pulling teams,

They saved the people who’d dashed their hopes,

Away from where rivers had burst their seams.


The English Midlands were next in sight,

As he headed round the earth,

He’d give them back their Christmas,

So they could have some mirth.


He gathered the Yorkshire badgers,

And anything that burrows,

They dug almighty ditches and trenches,

And the water went in the furrows.


He galloped off to the lands of war,

With special commando elves,

They took real specialised equipment,

And sorted it themselves.


With candy canes they clogged the barrels

Of all the enemy guns in rows,

They tied up all the terrorists,

And added bowties of Christmas bows.


Then Santa headed to the street,

Of all the world’s great cities,

They gave the hungry plenty to eat,

And sang carols to replace their ditties.


Our little fella could not believe

The sights before his eyes,

Yet it shows humanity can give real gifts,

When it really gets down and tries.


Simon C.J. Falk     27 December 2015



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