Farewell Feral Carpet

Farewell Feral Carpet

The pictures at the beginning of this post show the hallway carpet before removal.   It was worn, rotten, and, in some places, it was mouldy. The pictures at the end of this post show the floors after the removal of the offending floor coverings.


Farewell Feral Carpet


Farewell feral carpet,

We miss you not at all!

You keeper of lice from the pet,

And every grain of dust to fall.


We cut you and we rolled you,

Then we took you out the door,

We can now see the floorboards too,

Of the crafted timber floor.


Although the wood is scratched in spots,

And the white ants had a chew,

It will get cleaned and polished lots,

And we will sand off all that glue.


So farewell feral carpet,

Hope you enjoyed your final trip,

A chauffeur ride in a utility,

Off to the garbage tip!



Simon C.J. Falk 10 January 2016


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