Too many… The Forgetting

Too many…. The Forgetting
It can be a great way of renewing yourself  to move to new places and among new people.  But when you see some people at a later date, and have not recalled their name, it is very frustrating. I also feel for them.  When they have made the effort to come and reconnect, and are not recalled, they may feel diminished.  This little poem is about such an experience.

Too many… The Forgetting

Too many places,

Too many times,

Too many faces,

Too many climes.

Days come and years go,

The variety adds a fresh rigour,

But more names join in the row,

And it’s tests the memory’s vigour.

I turned up at a function,

And saw someone I should know,

I struggled hard for context and name,

But the thought process didn’t flow.

It wasn’t until later,

Driving off in the car,

The recognition came upon me,

And I could exclaim ‘Aha!’

It is a disappointment,

To let others down this way,

No doubt some readers feel this frustration,

And experience this dismay.

Simon C.J. Falk 13 March 2016


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