Under Strawberry Tree

Under Strawberry Tree

Starwberry tree tree

Image from: http://www.fruitipedia.com/strawberry_tree.htm  .


Under Strawberry Tree

Under the strawberry tree
We sat
Shaded and faded from
The heat and light.
Drinks flowed
Into conversations
And smiling faces
Showed the animated interest
In the other.
Stories were shared
About you
And me
And them
And whoever really.
Beneath its boughs
Was sheltered
Our gathering
Of people
And ourself
In its repository
Of memories.

I am the Strawberry Tree,
My branches give you shade,
As you relax together
With your beer and lemonade.
My bark and rings bear memories,
Of children who simply must climb trees,
And how the kids conquered reaching branches

Even if they barked their knees.
I’ve been here many winters,
And lots of summers in the sun,
Serving this family and their friends,

For their leisure and their fun.
I’ve been here frosty mornings,
Or a searing afternoon,

I’ll be here for more seasons
Come back under me again soon.

Simon C.J. Falk 2 April 2016




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