The Wayward Chook

Traveling by night in rural Australia we are vigilant for the sight of kangaroos. Little did I suspect it would be a black chook that would have me breaking my speed.

The Wayward Chook

Look, look! Look, look!

It’s a wayward chook

Crossing my way

Oh, I do say,

This is crook

In my book

To stop for a chook!
We worry about the kangaroos

On our nightly driving rendezvous – 

Behind the tree

Can you see

A macropod bounding absently?
But I’m astounded

As my wheels rounded

A little town

After the sun went down

Crossing the road

Carefree of load

A black chook passed my bow.
All is well that ends up well

And the tale I tell

Meant none of us fell.

For both the chook on the wander

And this writer here yonder

Lived on to ponder

The eventful meeting

However fleeting 

At the close of this day.
Simon C.J. Falk 25 May 2016



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