Still Responding to ‘Still Alice’ and Others We Know

Still Responding to ‘Still Alice’ and Others We Know

Some time ago I read ‘Still Alice’ and was struck by the plight of the story.  I also know a number of families who have, or are, journeying with a loved one who has a dementia-related condition. This is partly a response to all of this, and also, to a fabulous post ‘Still Emily’ from the Bookshelf of Emily J.  


Still Responding to ‘Still Alice’ and Others We Know


Spinning the cycling conversation,

We were last here

Around five minutes ago.


Asking the same questions

And heading down the same trajectory,

As the narrative arcs out

And returns

Like a jet

Waiting for ground clearance

To finally come

To rest.


There needs to be rest

For this person

And their loved ones,

From this demented process,

The ‘in and out’ of reality,


Some moments are Ok

But others, oh


Who is this person

Behind the face

Of one I thought

I knew?

Maybe it is I

Who have the problem?

I can be a bit,

You know,

Lost in my world.

But wait.


Not following

The plot.

The poor family

How can they

Stay with this



On the journey

The merry-go-round

Of thought loops.

But the go-round

Aint always so merry

Just round.



Simon C.J. Falk 4 June 2016

Rubber Tyre Rupture

Rubber Tyre* Rupture


Rubber tyre in the rain

Do you match the stress and strain?

Of sharp concrete edges by the road,

And a rupture that stops you bearing your load?


Rubber tyre on this day

Will we find another way?

As roadside assistants answer the call,

To fix the problem in the rainfall.


Rubber tyre we can be carefree,

Taking for granted that you will be

Always ready any day,

On any road or anyway.


May we appreciate when we are rolling,

The strains on vehicles we are tolling,

Little mishaps can happen anywhere

When on our way from here to there.



*‘Tyre’ might be rendered as ‘tire’ in some places.


Simon C.J. Falk 4 June 2016