I Saw a Grey Nomad

I Saw a Grey Nomad

This cheeky little piece plays with the notion of ‘grey nomads’ and the irony of finding one who is brown!  It plays with our quest to keep on looking younger than we are and of not taking our appearance too seriously.

I Saw a Grey Nomad

I saw a grey nomad in a brown rinse

Not many sleeps had passed

Since she had been seated

Not in the campervan

But in a hairdresser’s chair

With colourful conversation

And now

With colourful hair!

Hair with constructed youthfulness

Telling a different tale

To the face there beneath it

Shaded somewhat more pale.

May their adventures on the highway

Be colourful too.


Simon C.J. Falk 20 June 2016




A partial response to the Australian Story segment, ‘When the Call Comes’ 20 June 2016 http://www.abc.net.au/austory/ about a man referred to as ‘Mouse’ and his circle.


First strike


By tragedy

A man trapped

By his painful past

A cycle

Of abuse and torment

Through his days.

Second strike


By the ‘street scene’

The rounds

By the moment

Like a mouse


Stabbed and



Third strike


By the memory

Two families broken

This is

No score.

The bystanders


In the background


In sad horror

His place


Monument of memory

Of a life taken way.


* * *



May he find peace now

A true home forever

And peace for his family

May the torment

Become peace.


Simon C.J. Falk 20 June 2016