Democratic Rite – Australia Votes #auspol

Democratic Rite


We round the corner and

There they are!

Volunteers of friendly

And hawking type

Handing out glossy sheets that

Later, will line the paths

And roads and blow

Into people’s yards.

Arm’s length senate papers stare,

With a stunning list of names,

At the hapless voter.

Yes, shards of cynicism

Dot across our way:

“Will the winner lead?”

“Or is another spill going to topple

us again

s-l-o-w-i-n-g the country





But, we can vote and hold elections.

For this:

We give thanks.

Our polling booths

Are not guarded by

Uniformed militia.

For this:

We are grateful.

We can exercise a right

For free and reasonable speech.

For this:

We have a responsibility.


Simon C.J Falk 4 July 2016


One thought on “Democratic Rite – Australia Votes #auspol”

  1. This is simple but touching. Yes, “we have a responsibility”. Unfortunately, many people have forgotten that. Being raised in a democratic country, freedom of speech and rights of voting are as easy as food and drinks. They have forgotten, or have never realized, that these are the achievements that the older generations fought for. Democracy is never easy. In my home country, people have been asking for the rights of democracy for decades. The government puts off, gives perfunctory response but we can do nothing peaceful to urge the government because WE HAVE NO DEMOCRACY. People should treasure their vote, as it is the most peaceful way to ‘manage’ your government.

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