Gentle Rain Falls #postingforpeace

Gentle Rain Falls
Gentle rain falls

This evening.

Trickling off leaf ends, and

Running down drains

In a soft metallic meter.

A damp coldness sits

Upon the night air


Stillness of soul. 

Simon C.J. Falk 22 August 2016

An Eventful Day #postingforpeace

An Eventful Day
Three towns

Two cities.

Three modes 

Of transport:



And automobile

All, in one day.

Now the time has come

To rest a repose

Of dreams for

What a new day

May bring.

May peace be

Upon us.
Simon C.J. Falk 21 August 2016

Blame Game

Blame Game


I blame, you blame,

She blames, he blames,

We can play the blame game.

Jobs will go and heads will roll,

We won’t rest until someone pays the toll!

Does it change the past?

Or undo what’s been done?

Will it improve things for anyone?

Does it make a better world?

Or is it just another reaction where anger is unfurled?

When we are done with venting our bile,

Maybe we’ll stop and take stock awhile.







Come along and

Enter the game.




Simon C.J. Falk 11 August 2016


Get Up is Gone

Get Up is Gone




Looking for a match

Not for a light

But lever

For droopy eyelids.

The get-up-and-go

Got up

And went!

Spent, on yesterdays

That have moved on.

Maybe tomorrow

We’ll see a return

Of momentum.



Simon C.J. Falk 11 August 2016



Ticking and tocking in its metered way,

In and through our lives.

Moments become memories,

En route to eternity.


Pink Floyd recorded it in a ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ song.  Mitch Albom wrote of it in his fictitious fable, The Time Keeper.  My acrostic above muses around it.  How do we experience time?


Simon C.J. Falk 6 August 2016

#postingforpeace A Glimmer of Glory

A Glimmer of Glory

A response to a powerful post on DamyantiWrites .


A Glimmer of Glory

entered in

as I looked

at my inbox


What within my eyes

did I spy?

A sensitive soul

with a plaintive cry.

Someone had been hurt

by hateful din.

Why must we let

the hateful and violent win?

Why battle at all

between them and us?

For there is always a fall

And someone to crush.

A call from the pain

was sent on to read

Will we enter our peace

And to the caller heed?

Need we add to the gall

and the hate?

We can add goodness and kindness

then spate

of peace will flow from our pages

to pass on to elders

and to younger ages.

That battle will cease

and bile will abate

And we will find peace

and release of the hate.

We may not change kingdoms

States-folk or leaders

But we can influence friends

In our social media feeders.

The pathway to our peace

Begins between you and me

little by little

we can become free.


Simon C. J. Falk 4 August 2016



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