Invocation- calm

This is also a great one from Shawn for the #postingforpeace tag.

Shawn L. Bird

In times of fear and panic,

Let us be a force of calm.

Let those who are trembling,

find us safe to lean upon.

May we be the voice of reason.

May we comfort the oppressed.

May we show our compassion

to those who’re most distressed.



Free for use in Rotary Clubs.  Please credit Shawn Bird of Shuswap Rotary (5060 BC Canada) when you use it, and leave a note in the comments below so folks know where it’s been used.  Thanks.

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Holiday Time

Holiday Time *


The creaky gate is

Silent now

From the swinging children

Who had entered

In to retrieve

That out-bounded ball.

No more sandwiches slip

Between the mesh of the fence.

Parents, pressed and stressed,

Do not stride upon

The asphalt that

Has borne the same kind of cargo

For decades.

Teachers no longer

Stand sentinel

As students file out to

Awaiting family cars.

School yard comes to rest,

It’s holiday time.


* Holiday time would be described as vacation in some cultures.


Simon C.J. Falk 24 September 2016




Fissures break out

onto the face

We work hard

At saving,

Making the mask

Purposeful and perpetual.

Yet fissures

Crumble its façade.

Fault lines emerge,

Atolls of anxiety arise,

Ditches of depression

Sink in shadow.

The posturing persona


As the real mantle

Rises from the core,

And the soul stirs,

It’s flame flowing,

To the face.



Simon C.J Falk 24 September 2016   Forthcoming – “Yearnings”.




Eyes that sparkle and

Squint into a mellow

Smile that says

Miles of welcomes

And yarns,

Yarns of yarns.

Words say what

They say.

But beneath is

A subterranean

Hormonal voice

Silently galvanising

Quickening, magnetising,

Enticing towards

To connect

To behold

And enfold

In embrace

of loveliness.


Simon C.J. Falk 24 September 2016    Forthcoming – “Holiday Time”



The Bookshop of Emily J  posted a fascinating blog recently on how pictures work.  Impressions of images, words, events can be so evocative so us.  What is especially interesting is how each of us interprets or captures what our senses perceive.


I see a town nuisance,

You see an alley cat.

You call it this, and

I emphasis that.

One laments cancellation,

Another enjoys peace.

Where for one it is boredom,

for another,

It’s release.

One just sees a creek,

For another it’s a stream,

To meander along

As we walk by it and dream.

One sees simplistic symbols

Another sees high art.

So we are back

to place of the start.

Impressions are there

to share,

and create,

a mosaic of beauty,

in which we relate.

Sight to delight,

Sound to resound,

Smell and taste to compel

us around.

But touch, oh yes, touch,

Can be much, much more,

than the feel on the skin,

a sense felt quite raw.

For touch can also reach within,

Reaching to the heart,

and to embed meaning therein

from impressions.


Simon C.J. Falk 22 September 2016



The Childhood of Thomas Thimbleton #postingforpeace

The Childhood of Thomas Thimbleton


We’ll get it, yes!

We’ll get it, and you



As he stands,

Flat on his feet,

In the noontime of his years,

Thomas can be

A child again.

As the joking, jocular, jibes

Dart, dart, dart

His heart aches

And his head spins

Spins, spins.

He is back

In the schoolyard again,

The gang of voices fencing

Him in and


At his tender soul:

Little Tommy has a thimble, has a thimble, has a thimble,

Little Tommy has a thimble, a thimble for a ____!


Oh, how he wished

To be free,


And able

To feel their glee,

Instead of



Simon C.J. Falk  9 September 2016

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