The Bookshop of Emily J  posted a fascinating blog recently on how pictures work.  Impressions of images, words, events can be so evocative so us.  What is especially interesting is how each of us interprets or captures what our senses perceive.


I see a town nuisance,

You see an alley cat.

You call it this, and

I emphasis that.

One laments cancellation,

Another enjoys peace.

Where for one it is boredom,

for another,

It’s release.

One just sees a creek,

For another it’s a stream,

To meander along

As we walk by it and dream.

One sees simplistic symbols

Another sees high art.

So we are back

to place of the start.

Impressions are there

to share,

and create,

a mosaic of beauty,

in which we relate.

Sight to delight,

Sound to resound,

Smell and taste to compel

us around.

But touch, oh yes, touch,

Can be much, much more,

than the feel on the skin,

a sense felt quite raw.

For touch can also reach within,

Reaching to the heart,

and to embed meaning therein

from impressions.


Simon C.J. Falk 22 September 2016



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