The Gnome from Santa’s Home

We now live in an era where there are a variety of worldviews.  For some this time of the year means happy holidays.  For others among us it is a time to celebrate Christmas. These next series of posts are about The  Gnome from Santa’s Home and other tales.  The Gnome has been busy this time of year working on stories on Christmas themes in both poetry and prose.  He also found ‘The Shepherd’s Daughter’ and ‘The Little Angel’.  Another one, ‘A Christmas Crib at Aleppo’, is coming soon.

The Gnome from Santa’s Home


The Gnome from Santa’s Home,

Sat across from his table,

He responded to all tasks,

As soon as he was able.

He answered many letters,

He fielded lots of calls.

He helped dear old Santa,

When he had his falls.

Gnome was a jolly butler,

For Santa to have around,

Supplementing the work of the elves,

And cherishing their merry sound.

One job he did enjoy,

Was to call us back,

Beyond the commercial ploy,

To the original Christmas tack.

Always looking for a story,

To delight the young and old,

Of the King of Glory,

The greatest story ever told.

He knew of The Shepherd’s Daughter,

And the Little Angel’s speech,

He’d patted The Kelpie Dog at Christmas,

And the Golden Grain was within reach.

He was onto a new story,

In our world’s trouble spot,

A Christmas Crib at Aleppo,

Better than a violent plot.

He will never cease his searching,

To catch the Christmas story,

For his job is to share the message of Christmas,

With people like you and me.



Simon C.J. Falk 19 December 2016


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