Grandfather and Great Grandfather – #retro

On this day, in 1900, my maternal Grandfather, Patrick Anthony Thomas O’Reilly, was born.  Like Philip, his father, he was known to write some poems, or several.  As a tribute to Pat’s birthday I post this poem I wrote about his Dad back around 1991.


Great Grandfather


His name is Phil O’Reilly,

A gentle man was he;

He liked to notice plants by the road,

And tend animals by his knee.


I once heard as he went to town,

Thinking all alone was he,

Not knowing a sheep followed close behind,

Oh dear, what a scene it would be.


He could pen a poem just like that,

And good it would be too;

Some day, when you have got the time,

I’ll read some of his poems to you.


The saddest thing I know of now,

Is that he’s here no more;

He passed on to our glorious maker,

To live in peace forever more.


It’s not sad that he’s in heaven,

No, not by the slightest bit;

But that he’s not here to entertain us,

To share his tremendous wit.


I wished I could ‘ave known him,

For I’m sure I’d love him heaps;

I’ll just have to wait, while he, with angels,

A place in heaven for me keeps.



Simon C.J Falk circa 1991



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