#Meditation of Sorts

Meditation of Sorts

People from various backgrounds and belief traditions have tried meditation of some kind.  So many of us battle with the tribulations and trivial distractions.  It varies from day to day.  But it is familiar.  This verse gives us an opportunity to have a laugh at these moments and begin again. Compare with Nearer.

Meditation of Sorts



Out of bed in a bleary stupor,

Worrying mind trying

To get a groggy body scurrying.

Into the shower,


On you go.

Button the shirt.

Bucket up that belt.

Where is that pen?

Sit down.

Water – check.

Phone off – check.

Meditation app – check.




The body stills,

And the mind starts.

Inner chitter-chatter

Of mind apes and monkeys,

Gibbons yabber to chimpanzees,

Gobbledee-gook and wobbledee-dee.

What worries you today?

What stresses come the morrow?

What regrets from yesterday

Still visit you with sorrow?







Time’s up.



Simon C.J. Falk 19 February 2017



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