Subway Subversion

Today I read another great post on The Bookshelf of Emily J about a book written on a railway metaphor. My Dad was a Station Master, and, as it is his anniversary of death today, it is quite poignant that this post should appear in response to Emily’s post.

Subway Subversion

All aboard!

Off it goes,

The train to where?

Who knows?

Following a subway

Beneath what purports,

To be real,

What other meaning

Does this passage reveal?

A carriage of justice?

A cargo of hope?

To give desperate families,

While they struggle to cope.

To keep on the rails,

Amidst wagons of woes,

To follow the trajectory, 

While not knowing

Where it goes.

Classes and people,

Cultures and races,

Stratified occupations,

Many coloured faces.

All seeking a transit,

To a station that is true,

That honours me as me,

And lets you

Be you.

May people oppressed

Find a passage that is free,

No matter their difference

Grant them liberty.
Simon C.J. Falk 3 March 2017

Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

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