Some Poets for Women’s Day

There is much discussion on Women’s Day today.

I thought it suitable to mention a few women poets!


In my own country women have been writing poetry for many a year.  Not far from where I currently live we had Mary Gilmore.  Some would know Dorothea MacKellar, especially for her poem ‘My Country‘, that paints word pictures of the landscapes.

At school, I enjoyed studying Emily Dickinson.  

In more recent times, I have enjoyed Sylvia Plath, whom I posted on previously, 

and Mary Oliver.

Who are your favourite women poets?



Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

3 thoughts on “Some Poets for Women’s Day”

  1. Great post Simon. I love Mary Oliver- first heard of her when my yoga teacher read something of hers in a meditation. A really wonderful philosophical writer. Plath shaped my response to poetry. Heartbreaking story but how many really great poets were entirely happy? I see a lot of fabulous women poets just in the open mic nights around here.

    1. Hi Polly, I’m fascinated with the way Mary Oliver draws so much on nature and then finds metaphors for our lives. She is very profound. As for Sylvia Plath. Well.. I love her poems. I am also interested in her life. My older brother died of suicide when he was 31 and I was 15. One of the ways I expressed my grief was by writing poems back then. Most of them are too raw and personal to post on this site. But the one I posted on his handwritten list of authors gives you an idea how close we were until his untimely death. Unfortunately, I’m in too remote an area to see open mic poets. But I also follow UK poet, Holly McNish on wordpress. She does that sort of thing. And… I’m enjoying reading your poetry too! Thanks 🙂

      1. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to hear your brother’s story Simon. Poetry seems to be the medium for trying to express words and feelings in extremis. I will check out Holly McNish too and thanks for reading.

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