A Repost from Polly Rocks and Bones

From Polly Oliver:

This is an Interview with me by the lovely people atSpillwords Press! Happy days 😁

via All grown up — rocksandbones.


I thoroughly recommend Polly’s poems to our readers.  You can follow Polly on WordPress, twitter or Spillwords.

Want to spread more cheer with other great writers. Check out our We Are The World Blogfest 



Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

4 thoughts on “A Repost from Polly Rocks and Bones”

    1. No problem, Polly. I gather you were rather stoked at the feature and good for you! Many of us can identity with some of the things you shared. The Cornish and Welsh landscapes and seascapes certainly spoke to me when I visited in 2012.

  1. Plans? Nothing firm. But am eligible for sabbatical leave in 2020. One option I was toying with was a long retreat renewal program at St Beuno’s in Wales with a holiday in Ireland where my Mother’s ancestors hailed from. But that’s a while away and life change direction while people like me make plans. 🙂

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