Gathering Neighbourhood Goodness for #WATWB June


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I was thrilled to hear that the Bells of the Borough Market in London would toll for their re-opening.  It is so important to keep sounding that note of hope in our world. Noticing such a story in the daily news feed reminded me of a comment made, somewhere on a social media feed, by Mary J Melange. Her blog is well worth a visit, by the way.

Searching for good news stories makes us more aware of the good news around us, even nearer to our lives, workplaces and homes.


Part of my life means visiting people.  In recent months there have been some notable ones.

One included going to the home of an unwell man and hearing of his story as a migrant to my country many years ago.

“I just thought, shit!”  He said.  “What am I gonna do now?”

He had been deposited, all alone,  in a remote part of our country to fix a broken-down truck.  He did fix the truck and drove it back to the nearest town, many kilometres away.

Later in life, one of his children was severely injured in a vehicle accident on a farm.  Spinal injuries meant this young adult was facing quadriplegia.  Not to be left as a victim, the young adult was rehabilitated and, with some assistance, has quite impressive mobility.  This son now teaches in a regular job.

I went visit another couple.  He was dying and had a number of loose ends that he wanted to tie up so that his wife would be in a secure state of life after his death.

A gravely voice, from too many smokes and noisy ballrooms, told the tale. Earlier in his life he had been a boxer and, later had travelled the globe as a dancer.  In both Ballroom and Latin American forms, he and his partners literally had a ball.  Now, as he approaches the last months of his life, he is lovingly putting in place a care plan for his wife.

This month I have not included any flashy pictures or dazzling youtube clips.  I just wanted to highlight something that a number of us have noticed: looking for good news helps us become more aware of the good news right near our own doorsteps.

Do any of these stories ring bells for you?  What is the good news in your family, workplace or local community?

Towards the Final Dance

Eyes bounce
Around the room,

And dart,

From the impending gloom,

Of days ticking away.

Once, his feet

Had bounced on their balls,

As he danced around the ring,

Boxing –

Giving and receiving

Jabs and crosses.

And, those feet,

Fleet and flowing,

Had glided

Along the dance floor,

In days before

The cancer.


His days are drawing in,

As he lovingly

Lines up

The steps of his departing days,

To leave his wife

In security.

Then, muster up

He does,

His pluck

For the steps


The final dance,




Simon C.J. Falk 30 June 2017

Next month a clean start!  Stay tuned for #WATWB July 28.


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32 thoughts on “Gathering Neighbourhood Goodness for #WATWB June”

  1. looking for good news helps us become more aware of the good news right near our own doorsteps.

    So glad you noticed this! This is one of the big reasons why we started the #WATWB with a requirement for posting links to news items.

    1. Yes, I think we need to search the news items, and am returning to that for the next month. I was struck by things around me and of Mary’s comment, so time ago, about how WATWB was making her more aware of goodness around her. At the time, I shared her observation. WATWB is a good thing Damyanti:)

  2. Simon, it’s wonderful to find positive stories in our own backyard. Even though your one visit was with a dying man, it put a smile on my face that he cared so much about making his wife secure in life when he is gone. In darkness there is light ☺

    Beautiful poem and thank you for sharing a link to my blog.

    1. You’re welcome, Mary, about the link to your blog. After all, your comment, some time ago, inspired the tone of this post. Glad you liked the story about the boxer-dancer man.

  3. If one is looking for it, they will be able to find the positive side of life. It is all mixed in with everything else. Thank you for sharing these stories and for being a part of #WATWB

  4. Fantastic to hear your experiences. Positive stories often surround us, we just need to keep our eyes open to them. Thanks so much for sharing! #WATWB

  5. Hi Simon – your poem fits so well with the two stories you told. There is so much nearer home that we can draw on. Manchester has had a tremendous effect on its community … as too Westminster Bridge, Borough Market and Finsbury Park – they have each united their community – sadly not all understand: but most do … lovely stories you’ve told us – Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary. London was welcoming to my friends and I when we were there in 2012. As was all the UK we visited then. I hope they continue to find the strength to persevere. They have our support.

      1. Sylvia, had did I miss writing back! I thoroughly agree about our WATWB group. It is a treasure trove of goodness and its people the greatest treasure.

      2. Deborah, thanks for your comments to. I loved your post on the art project but the iPad didn’t like the reply. Please know that I read it. 🙂

  6. Lovely post and stories, Simon. I enjoyed your poem about the elderly gentleman too. It is true that there are many good news stories all around, if only we look for them.

  7. Simon, what a lovely post, and poem. This is a big reason I love being a part of this wonderful group I love that we can bring such inspirational and positive stories that make a difference for others!

  8. Hi Simon – it is good that we highlight the people around us in the community … I’m always on the look out for unique aspects to life … some here, some there … I join in with a group who are learning about their tablets or ipads, or phones etc … and then as I sit on both sides of the fence … I’m bringing Memoir into their lives … which they seem to enjoy … it’s an interesting process. Love your stories … thank you – cheers Hilary

    Thank goodness Borough Market has reopened … such a sad and dreadful ‘incident’ … heart braking for many … H

  9. Great post on how each one of us can bring some good to our lives. Indeed we don’t have to look too far for it. Most of us are born good, only circumstances make us bad. Your kind act is a perfect example of how each one of us can help spread the cheer.

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