Thirty Years On And Memory Still Strong

IMG_0451This month marks thirty years since my brother, Joseph, died by suicide. Each year it is sad in its own way. But how that sense of loss is felt can never be predicted from year to year.  Joseph and I both had an avid interest in literature. Some of you would be aware of a post I made in a Cherished Blogfest that featured a special handwritten list by Joseph.  In that list he recommended authors to me.  Incidentally, if you are interested in Cherished 2017, even just a little bit, hop on over to the blogs of Damyanti at Daily (W)Rite and Dan at No Facilities. They can fill you in.  Anyhow, back to Joseph’s list.  One of the authors he mentioned was Robert Louis Stevenson. By way of tribute to both Joseph and R.L.S., I post one of Stevenson’s poems, pictured above.  My brother and mother introduced Stevenson to me, via Treasure Island, of course! Stevenson’s poem speaks to me of adventures he had written, of lives of many who have used this epitaph, and it has touched some of our loved ones dearly.  Also, being in the form of a poetic epitaph, it makes a fitting remembrance to Joseph, a lover of literature.

The copy of the poem comes from a very old book, scavenged from a secondhand bookshop somewhere (we don’t recall exactly). It was published by T.C & E.C. Jack Ltd. of London and Edinburgh, way back in 1917.


Simon C.J. Falk 13 July 2017



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