We Tread Heavily Upon The Earth

We Tread Heavily Upon The Earth
After having frightened birds in a field.


We tread heavily

Upon the earth

[and asphalt, concrete or

whatever we construct

To hide our feet

From natures touch].


Our footfalls frighten


In our wake.

We mistake

Our smallness

Of size

Among many creatures,

For insignificant impact.

How wrong we are.

Our lands, skies, seas

Bear the scars,

Of our excesses.

And, in the recesses

Of our overactive brains,

There are gains,

When we become

More aware,

Of where

We fit

In the cosmos.


We have

A place,

But it is not ours

To erase

The good entrusted to our care.

For we are here

To share.


To leave

This place


For us

Having been


Simon C.J. Falk 15 July 2017

Want to help the world be the better for us having been here.  We Are The World Blogfest posts on the final Friday of each month.  More about it here.

Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

6 thoughts on “We Tread Heavily Upon The Earth”

  1. How rightly you’ve pointed out that we’re ruining this planet for the other species and that its our responsibility to set things right for the future generations. I wish more people understood these things like you do.

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