Gazing Eyes of Experience

Gazing Eyes of Experience

Eyes gazed

Into the mirror of

What these days

Have meant.

Energy spent

And expended.

So easily gone.

Eyes crazed

Into the fears

In many ways

Eating at

The grief of what

Cannot be done.

Or, of what will


Of the future.

Eyes glazed

As words are read

On the screen.

Words of love and care.

Words there

In the gaze.

The best glance

By eyes

That gazed.

Simon C.J. Falk 10 November 2017


10 thoughts on “Gazing Eyes of Experience”

  1. Hi Simon – I hope it’s softer than that sharp green … go easy and enjoy life in the slow lane as you recover – take care – cheers Hilary

    1. Yes, I’m not a big fan of those psychedelic affects on photos either. I just wanted a stylised picture of a person gazing and so di it to a selfie. Thanks again for the visits and comments Hilary. 🙂

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