A Last Time

Leaving and moving means goodbyes. This is an oft repeated scene.


A Last Time

A last moment

A last reverie

Sharing the trivial


Saying little

Yet, saying much

Sharing outwardly

Such and such.

Almost gruff

Instructions to part

Do we ever learn the art?

Of goodbyes

In this place.

Last look

Upon that face

Last firm and desperate


Now the memories

Leave a trace

Inscribed on the heart

In a special place.


Simon C.J. Falk 24 December 2017


That Time Again – Christmas for Some

We come to the conclusion of another calendar year (on one calendar, at least).  For the many backgrounds who come together in blogspace it can mean various things.

For some of us, from a Christian background, this time of the year is Christmas.  My Christmas poem for this year arrived early, It’ll Cut For Hay.  For those seeking more, I’ve linked in some other Christmas poems that pestered me until I committed them to paper and screen. The Kelpie Dog at ChristmasI Dreamed Santa Saved the Day, The Shepherd’s Daughter, The Little Angel, Caved Inn of Light and more if searching the “Christmas” tag.

Especial greetings to our intrepid team of We Are The World Blogfest #WATWB who share good news the last Friday of each month and have earned December off!  They know who they are and how significant they are in the lives of many of us.

For those of you in the South of our Globe, take care in the heat with your dear ones. For those in the North, gird yourself against the cold with the warmth of loved ones near.

May you all know deep peace at this time.

Simon C.J. Falk  23 December 2017

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