Raspberries Ripe and Ready

Raspberries Ripe and Ready

Raspberries Ripe and Ready


Ripe and ready


Lingering lusciously

For the picking

Oh, it will be

A delight to free

Them from the bowl

There is no self-control

To be had

Before raspberries

Ripe and ready

Ready… steady…


They’re gone



Simon C.J. Falk 29 January 2018



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Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

9 thoughts on “Raspberries Ripe and Ready”

  1. Hi Simon – I think they are positively my best fruit – just love them … so so good – just enjoy! Cheers Hilary

      1. That’s true. But poems like these are sometimes as delightful as masterpieces on life and death. Poetry is life and life is made up of all these small things too 🙂

      2. Yes, I think they come from the same place. Those moments when we really do see. When we really see those moments or people, the words and images just leap out to meet us.

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