Breathing the Breath of God Now

Breathing the Breath of God Now

From time to time we encounter people, even among our own family and friends, who suffer long bouts of physical decline. In recent days, some, known to me, have come to eternal rest after a time of lung diseases.  This poem grapples with some of the hope.


Scene: Near Sebastopol NSW during ‘burning-off’.


Breathing the Breath of God Now


In memoriam


He’s breathing the breath of God,

Like a soft summer breeze,

Walking where angels trod,

His lungs all clear of wheeze.


He’s resting the repose of peace,

No flail and no more toil,

From the pain he has release,

In God’s harvest from the soil.


From soil of a life spent,

Within family and the farm,

Now to be sent,

To a land where there’s no harm.


Somehow the memory lingers,

Among others of slim and slender frame,

He’d passed on his lengthy fingers,

To children who bore his name.


He’s seeing as we not see now,

As he sees face to face,

There’s no furrow in his brow,

Before the fullness of grace.


Simon C.J. Falk  3 February 2018



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13 thoughts on “Breathing the Breath of God Now”

  1. We’ve been suffering horribly here in the States with an upper respiratory infection that seems to be everywhere, wheezing included, so this really resonates with me right now. Lovely poem, Simon.

  2. Hi Simon – this is delightful to read thinking of beloved ones who have passed on … a poem I should have had to hand at the end for my loved ones … thank you – and I do hope things are still improving for you – cheers Hilary

  3. Death… sometimes I think it’s easier than life. So much struggle, such anguish and then a loss, only to find that peace is in losing everything again. Beautiful. Your poetry always makes one ponder.

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