Walking On Walking Through


Walking On, Walking Through


Walking, walking, walking


On the go

Up and down and round and round

Getting on with the show.

Walking on, walking through

Keeping up with all to do.

And walking

Frees us too

Loosens up the muscles through

The rhythm of the stride

As we pass and feel beside


The air moving by.


On the street

Free up the mind by freeing up the feet

To settle down the heart

Feeling better when you start

To walk

Along the beach

Striding out as tidal reach

Foams about your toes

And sea spray fills your nose.


Along an alpine way

Among the peak and chalets

Where soaring eagles sway

And drift on draughts of air

Carrying every care

Of yours to another place

Allowing you the space

For a bit of a respite

As you feel the delight

Of walking

Walking it away

The motion stills our day

Where calm

Can help us be

From our angst then

We are free.


Simon C.J. Falk      5 February 2018




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#SunsetsForKate Forming


#SunsetsForKate Forming


Sunsets for Kate


By the way

As we peer over the clothes-line

At the end of the day.

Soft sheets

And towels heavy

What sublime scene greets?

Us in a bevy

Of cloud-textured skies

After a day of tries

And mundane chores

This vista becomes yours

And my splendid scene.

The promising light

Frames silhouetted day

Warming our dreams

Among the fray.

Sunsets for Kate

Stay with us yet

Until time itself

Is ready to set.


Simon C.J. Falk 5 February 2018



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