A Final Ride in Kabul


Photo Source: AP via ABC News Australia


A Final Ride in Kabul

For the families 


A vehicle should be meant for all

Who would have thought

They would fall

Into treacherous hands?


Their lands



stained with blood

And scarred

In debris.

When will they, will we?


Another way

A better way


From violence and

Ruinous hate.

When will it abate?

That peace may reign

And vehicles will be

Not weapons


For all

To travel free



Simon C.J. Falk 3 March 2018


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Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

6 thoughts on “A Final Ride in Kabul”

  1. Hi Simon – very evocatively told about a dreadful appalling situation found in too many areas of the world. Good for you being able to express your (and my) views in a poem … it’s just frightening the way the world in places is going. Not good – Hilary

  2. This is so beautiful and profound but unfortunately its utopian. Man would never cease warring, I feel. There will always be something or someone else to conquer. Always…

    1. I wish you were wrong. But…. we both know you are right. The battle continues, even within the caverns of each of our inner selves. Thanks for commenting, Pradita. It’s always illuminating and often entertaining 😁

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