We Three Kings A-Cantering Are

We Three Kings A-Cantering Are

Recently, I heard a rendition of the Christmas Carol ‘We Three Kings’.  The pianist played in such a way that captured the pace of camels feet bearing their cargo. Initially startling, it was surprisingly refreshing and kept returning over the day.

Tink, tink,

Tink, tink,

Clip, clop,

Clip, clop,

We three kings a-cantering are,

Our camels are off,

So watch us, ah,

Hill and valley,

No dilly-dally

Cantering to a star



 That piano

In its metronomic affect

Turns us inwardly

Inside out

And up and





To the pace of camels

A-cantering, a-cantering.

Ah, the energy and verve

Striking every nerve

Ending to its beginnings

It has us all singing.

Never ever before

Has this tune taken the floor

In a such a way

Oh, to stay and sway

On the dromedary delight

We may take to flight

At the sound of the piano.

But we go

Yet find a memory still aglow

Of the flight of the camels

By day and night.



Simon C.J. Falk 7 January 2019


Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

2 thoughts on “We Three Kings A-Cantering Are”

  1. Hi Simon – that was (and is) brilliant … loved it and I’ll be listening and thinking of the clop, clopping along … great fun – cheers and all the best for the coming year – Hilary

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