#WATWB January Helping A Family In Need

Welcome to the first We Are the World Blogfest #WATWB post for 2019.  On the last Friday of each month we share good news stories on social media. Our co-hosts for this month are Sylvia SteinInderpreet UppalShilpa GargDamyanti Biswas and yours truly – Simon Falk.  Please do check out their posts and other bloggers who use the #WATWB.


A young family in Canberra, Australia, receive overwhelming support.  As reported by ABC News.

For Canberra resident Elizabeth Pickworth, a cancer diagnosis and a notice to move out of her rental property coincided.

New to town, she reached out to the Canberra Notice Board Group on Facebook to ask for advice about finding an affordable removalist.

She wrote that it was important to keep costs down because doctors had recently found a tumour near her heart and her treatment would mean time away from work.

While she was being paid for time off, her husband was not, and the costs associated with treatment were adding up.

The response she received was “overwhelming”.

Overwhelming  it was. People offered to bring them dinner, help with the move or do babysitting.  What good news.  There is more on the ABC News link.


Elizabeth with her husband and daughter. Image: ABC News Australia.

As Elizabeth and her family had to move home here’s an excerpt from a poem about ‘home’ courtesy of the Poetry Foundation:

Home Again, Home Again

The children are back, the children are back—
They’ve come to take refuge, exhale and unpack;
The marriage has faltered, the job has gone bad,
Come open the door for them, Mother and Dad.
The city apartment is leaky and cold,
The landlord lascivious, greedy and old—
The mattress is lumpy, the oven’s encrusted,
The freezer, the fan, and the toilet have rusted.
The entire poem can be found here

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

17 thoughts on “#WATWB January Helping A Family In Need”

  1. I agree with Linda and Pam – people love to help out when in need, more than we realise. Thanks Simon – all good wishes to Elizabeth and her family, and may she be well. Thank you also for co-hosting –

    1. My pleasure to post and co-host, Susan. Thank you for your faithful visits and comments. I hope Elizabeth becomes well too! I also hope that all of us can notice the good around us all the time.

  2. Hi Simon – apologies January came and went … but so pleased to read now – and am glad there’s hope and help out there for them – wonderful to read about. The poem too … cheers Hilary

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