#WATWB August 2019 Book In Some Good News

Welcome to the #WATWB We Are The World Blogfest for August 2019.

Please visit our valiant co-hosts as well.

Susan Scott, Peter Nena, Shilpa Garg, Mary J. Giese and Damyanti Biswas.

This month I’ve gone a bit off the grid.  Neither of these two stories about writers have been generated by news media sources. But they are still good news.  Given all readers of this blogfest are ‘reader-types’ and many of you are also writers, I think they are good news stories of interest.

Josephine Moon.pngJosephine Moon. Picture from Better Reading Podcast, accessed 27 August 2019.

#1. Josephine Moon.  You can read about her here and listen to her on the Better Reading Podcast here.  Josephine became a novelist and tells us that she kept a spreadsheet of her attempted manuscripts. After 100 rejections she finally deleted the spreadsheet. But, wait for it. She persevered with her writing and has been published numerous times. One of the aspects of writing she favours is “uplit”.  Uplit is writing that encourages hope.  Sounds like a WATWB theme to me.  Then there is this:

In 2018, Josephine organised the ‘Authors for Farmers’ appeal, raising money to assist drought-affected farming communities. She is passionate about literacy, and is a proud sponsor of Story Dogs and The Smith Family

As Australia is still in drought, that has a ring of good news.

YBYS-front-cover.jpg Damyanti’s soon to be published novel. Image from her website, accessed 27 August 2019.

#2. Damyanti Biswas. Oh, yes. You’ve come across her before. In fact, she and Belinda McGrath Witzenhausen are the people who got us into this blogfest.  What is also fabulous about this forthcoming novel, #YouBeneathYourSkin, is that some of the proceeds will go to support a great initiative for children called Project Why and to help those afflicted by abominable acid attacks in India.

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Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

11 thoughts on “#WATWB August 2019 Book In Some Good News”

  1. Good to see you back on grid, Simon, and with a post to delight bloggers and readers. I’m always looking for a new author or to support a blogging friend. Hope all is well and you were simply having a very busy August.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I picked up Josephine Moon’s story from a great podcast we have in Australia called Better Reading. They chat with authors over about 20-30 minutes and it’s really good. I often discover authors who are new to me that way.

  2. Hi Simon – two uplifting people with goals to help our world … Josephine’s stories … she’s one busy lady, while Damyanti just sets standards for us all … they are both inspiring authors and encouragers for us all to do better – thanks for letting us know about Josephine – Damyanti is just great to be around … cheers Hilary

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