WATWB – Looking Over Giving in October 2021

I was truly astonished by the number of causes that appeared in my country of Australia during October this year. My astonishment was how, after the financial challenges of COVID lockdowns, that money would be raised. My other source of astonishment was the sheer generosity of people to ‘have a go’ and give their energy, body, heart, and soul to such causes.

This list is not complete. It’s just the ones I came across.

The Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon for research into heart disease and its treatment.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation’s Frocktober.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s One Walk Step Challenge.

The Black Dog Institute’s One Foot Forward Challenge for suicide research and prevention.

I actually did the Black Dog Institute’s One Foot Forward Challenge in memory of my own brother, Joseph, who died by suicide in 1987. My generous sponsors raised $893AUD for my 218kms. On Sunday 31 October I received an email from the organisers saying:

Our incredible One Foot Forward community has raised an astounding $10,461,065 [AUD] for mental health research.


That is one of the causes. It is good news, and a tribute to the generosity of the human spirit to galvanise people and raise funds. I can hardly imagine what scale this kind of volunteerism has reached across the globe.

Has the pandemic made people more aware, compassionate and generous? I don’t know.

What I do know is that the experience of each person is a factor. One friend of mine who did Frocktober is herself a cancer survivor. Another friend who did the One Walk has a family member with diabetes. I did the One Foot Forward for my brother. Relationships shape us and help us to reach out with care.

Speaking of generous volunteers, I BIG shoutout to all the We Are World Blogfest WATWB team. Some carried the load alot this year while others of us were less able to commit. A very hearty thank you to them.

On an even more fun note, I observed, thanks to a friend in Glasgow, that The Wombles have returned as stars at COP26 to help clean up our planet. The 5 year old seventies child that I was revelled in such news.

Source https://www.womblesofficial.com. Be sure to look at the video clip on their homepage. 


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Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

5 thoughts on “WATWB – Looking Over Giving in October 2021”

  1. Hi Simon – I congratulate you on your fund-raising activities … that’s brilliant. But like you I’ve been astonished how many have stepped up to the plate during this last 18+ months – there are wonderful caring people around. The One Foot Forward Campaign – suicide is just desperately sad – and there are no words for it … I’ve experienced it too, so most sincerely feel for you.

    Thank you for this heart-felt post re organisations raising funds, people helping and supporting … as too the WATWB team … I’m there – but not much help social media wise …

    All the best – and I do hope as peoples of the world we can keep calm, be empathetic to all … and do all we can to improve our world. With thoughts – Hilary

  2. These are all good causes, Simon. Kudos to you for helping to raise an enormous amount of money for mental health research – a drastically underfunded aspect of healthcare.

    1. Thanks Dan. I’m getting the picture that underfunded mental health research and care is a global problem. Thankfully, some of these causes are aiding their shoulders to the immense load.

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