#WATWB November 2021 @onfootacrossaustralia for Refugees

Some would know that I did, with a friend, 240kms of the Portuguese Way (aka #CaminoPortugues) of the pilgrimage walk to Santiago de Compostela back in 2018.

Well here is someone who walked further. And he did it for others. For people looking for a home.

Welcome to the We Are The World Blogfest for November 2021 as we share stories. Thanks to SBS News Australia, I bring you Ivor Houston and his @onfootacrossaustralia (that being his Instagram handle). Here he is below, walking along a 90 mile straight road.

Via SBS News Australia.

As SBS News says:

Ivor Houston wanted to make a difference to the lives of refugees, so he packed some essentials and travelled 4,000 km from Perth to Sydney on foot. After six months, he’s now home.

Ivor lived with a family of refugees in the Blue Mountains of NSW (in Eastern Australia). He walked for them. The plight of refugees and asylum seekers has been with humanity for a long time. People seek a safe home.

Wars, genocides, natural disasters and so on, have taken away people’s homes for a long time. Thankfully there are often people who can help. It is an extraordinary time to do so with the Omicron COVID variant on the move, people’s resources stretched from lockdown losses, and countries still housing people from their own internal disasters. In my own country of Australia, some people who lost homes in castrophic fires last summer are still in temporary accommodation.

People like Ivor, and others, can help refugees find houses that become true homes. That is good to hear.

You can check out Ivor’s IG of the trek at @onfootacrossaustralia and the SBS news story here.

Please be on the lookout for other #WATWB posts.



Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

8 thoughts on “#WATWB November 2021 @onfootacrossaustralia for Refugees”

  1. Hi Simon – that’s some mammoth walk – gosh I admire him … but what an excellent project and goal raising funds for the refugees – they do need so much support – and will be very valuable members of society. Thanks for highlighting Ivor Houston to us … that 90 mile sign looks daunting to me! Take care and all the best – as we continue to cope with life in these unfortunate times – Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary. In an interesting twist, those same Blue Mountains had their forests decimated by fires last summer. These people seem to be like phoenixes rising from the ashes, to do more good.

      1. Hi Simon – so much devastation in recent years … human and climate … but your comment about people rising like phoenixes from ashes is very appropriate. I think you’ll see from mine – extraordinary people do amazing things to help others. Cheers Hilary

  2. And I thought walking our dog about a mile was an effort. This is an amazing story, Simon. To do something like these, in order to help others, is inspiring. Thanks for sharing (and thanks for extending WATWB into Monday like me 😉

  3. He was smiling in every photo of him! What an amazing young man! I didn’t realise Perth to Sydney was almost 4000 kms. Good on Ivor Houston raising funds for those that need to be housed and thank you Simon for sharing this for #WATWB, inspirational!

  4. This is a wonderful story, Simon. Kudos to Ivor for caring so deeply about the refugee issue that he was willing to complete a long, selfless journey. Thanks for sharing!

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