Acrid is the smoke sliding down our throats

Choking the lungs of many

Raging are the persistent flames upon the bush and homes

Incinerating are the fierce forest fires

Destruction and death visits our land among the daring fire fighters



Simon C.J. Falk 21 December 2019




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Rejected – An Acrostic

Rejected – An Acrostic


Rejected by a love

           Ejected then in pain

   Jarring to the brain

Ending of a love

           Can it have been real?

   Try as they may feel

Empty now of care

           Does living look like despair?


Simon C.J. Falk 15 December 2018

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#Peace for a Post-it Wall

Peace for a Post-it Wall

One of our schools was making a wall of wishes in the shape of a conifer tree (for some of us, this means a Christmas Tree).  This acrostic was my contribution.





in Charity

For Evermore.


Simon C.J. Falk 15 December 2016




Ticking and tocking in its metered way,

In and through our lives.

Moments become memories,

En route to eternity.


Pink Floyd recorded it in a ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ song.  Mitch Albom wrote of it in his fictitious fable, The Time Keeper.  My acrostic above muses around it.  How do we experience time?


Simon C.J. Falk 6 August 2016

Hope is… with Sydney Story Factory






This was tweeted as part of a poem collage for the Sydney Story Factory.  Check them out.  They do great work!

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